Simply Pro Fingerprinting and Notary
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We also accept cash and credit cards
Notary service are per seal    21.00
Per witness signing               6.00
Closing are  per Buyer or Seller              275.00
Notary phone witness verification is per hour   75.00
( If service is not listed please call for quote ) 
For all Mobile services please include trip fee Dallas  50.00
Surrounding Cities are  75.00  ,Ft Worth 150.00
Please call for trip fee quotes if you are not sure

Book an appointment in my office for 15.00 plus services.
Weekends , after business hours and Holidays fees are additional charges.
Thank you for your Business !!!
We look forward to Serving you for many years to come  !!!
If I have to wait on you it's 65.00 per hour.
Mobile to Mobile appointments are 40.00 per hour plus the services.
We only do ink prints and cleanup is a snap !

Fingerprinting services are per card 25.00 or 2
for 50.00

We do have EXTRA cards too FBI and DPS

All mobile services include a trip fee Dallas    50.00
Surrounding Cities   75.00 ,  Ft Worth  150.00

Please call for trip fee quotes if you are not sure
( Sorry we do not do back ground checks )

Thank you for your business !!! 
We look forward to serving you for years to come !!!
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